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African Medical Investments

African Medical Investments


African Medical Investments

African Medical Investments (AMI) is an AIM listed dedicated private healthcare provider concentrated in Africa.

The company’s strategy is focused on capitalising on the continent’s demand for quality healthcare, particularly from the emerging middle classes, overseas business travellers and tourists.

It currently operates Trauma Centre Hospitals and Well Woman Clinics in Maputo and Dar es Salaam, and is currently revamping its Trauma Centre Hospital in Harare.

Statement of Problem

Despite having placed print advertising in a variety of publications, AMI found that their services were not being highlighted and that people were unaware of the kind of the service that AMI’s hospitals were offering.

Statement of Opportunity

Although there was some directory listings in the African market, PR Worx had the opportunity to redesign the current artwork and ensure that the corporate message that AMI was putting out to potential and current patients was succinct and tailor made for each country in which it has a presence.

Communication Tools

PR Worx redesigned AMI’s print campaign, creating adverts which highlighted specific hospital attributes such as a five-star boutique hospital offering with private wards, scenic views and gastronomic delights provided by the in-house chef.

The campaign also looked at targeting the whole family through showcasing relevant services.

Above print adverts, PR Worx also designed billboards and street pole ads which linked into the overall campaign.

Adverts were created with each specific country in mind as well as a few highlighting all three site offerings.

Advertorials, which read like editorial, were also created outlining their Well Woman and aesthetic services.


The new design elements spoke volumes about the message that AMI was disseminating into the market.

The new creative was much more aligned with the boutique look and feel that each of their hospitals offer.

As opposed to previous messaging, the new creative spoke to the right people about the right services, in the right way.


African Medical Investments     African Medical Investments

African Medical Investments


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