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Anglo American CSI


Anglo American Chairman’s Fund

PR Worx’s excellent and close working relationship with Anglo American was the driving force behind the public relations firm winning the Gold Award in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSI) Category at the 2010 PRISA PRISM Awards.

The PRISA PRISM Awards’ CSI category honours excellence, leadership and the effective use of communication activities to drive awareness of CSI initiatives within the public relations function.

PR Worx won this award for our outstanding and far-reaching communications surrounding Anglo American’s CSI programmes, with a particular focus on the company’s Chairman’s Fund initiatives.

Statement of Problem

Established in the 1950s, the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund is recognised as one of the oldest independent funders of social development in South Africa.

The Fund has over its long history been the leading partner of community and social development in the country, ensuring that a vast multitude of South Africans have been positively affected by its initiatives.

Anglo American’s contribution to South Africa goes far beyond increasing shareholder value and meeting government and mining charter requirements.

In 2008 the company spent over R618,7 million on CSI and in 2009, the Chairman’s Fund alone spread its financial support of over R71 million across various focus areas including HIV/AIDS, healthcare, welfare, entrepreneurial development, environmental projects, arts and culture and of course education, the Fund’s largest area of involvement.

The only problem was that nobody except for Anglo American, its beneficiaries and government knew about its pioneering work in the field of CSI development.

Statement of Opportunity

Anglo American realised that they needed to increase awareness of its activities across the country to ensure that all audiences knew that they were not only meeting their expected legal requirements but exceeding them by far.

It was time to communicate that Anglo American has been a front runner of CSI in South Africa for many years and has a firm commitment from management to contribute significantly to not only CSI but the sustainability thereof.

This was previously not communicated to the public and therefore presented an opportunity for PR Worx to not only communicate CSI success but to also communicate Anglo American’s leadership status in sustainability.

Communication Tools

Traditional print, broadcast and online media

  • Daily liaison
  • Media releases
  • Media interviews
  • Third party endorsement pieces

Social networking platforms

  • Blogs
  • Updates


Through PR Worx’s efforts to increase publicity regarding Anglo American’s CSI projects, Trialogue, a CSI ratings company, who in partnership with Media Tenor developed the Media Sustainability Index (MSI), rated Anglo American as top in the Mining, Extractive and Energy sector category of this index. MSI is a measure of a company’s relative performance on sustainability-related reportage in the media.

In the evaluation of the effectiveness of the campaign, the MSI rating of Anglo American, was a good way of ascertaining a credible, external evaluation source.

Anglo American was awarded this prestigious recognition as a direct result of PR Worx’s publicity initiatives around the company’s CSI initiatives.

Over and above the award, PR Worx generated 204 positive articles for
Anglo American’s CSI initiatives, resulting in a 1:1 AVE of R2,069,768.78.

Through close liaison with community press, we built solid relationships with community media which ensured publicity support.

Increased awareness among the general public, government and media was achieved through publicity and recognition of the MSI Award.

“Anglo American aims to be the leading global mining company and Partner of Choice in South Africa, and hence, our CSI focus is to help the development of the country in any way possible,” states Dr. Pranill Ramchander, Media Relations and External Communications Manager at Anglo American.

“We are very proud of PR Worx’s achievements at the PRISA PRISM Awards and through their efforts to increase publicity around our CSI efforts, we’ve achieved a double victory which includes our recognition by Trialogue.”

Working with a client as closely as PR Worx does with Anglo American, and being considered an integral part of their communications team, is pivotal to the success that we have achieved, together.

PR Worx’s understanding of their brand and the company as a whole allowed us to clearly define Anglo American’s objectives, ensuring that we delivered on the corporate messages and external communications campaigns relating to those objectives.

Case Study: Anglo American CSI


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