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Having been recognised as the continent's best public relations company, PR Worx is exposed to a vast array of Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects across South Africa through our blue chip clients.

During our 13 years of existence, PR Worx has always been passionate about CSI, and therefore not only conceived the DeskBags concept, but incorporated it as our own dedicated CSI division.

According to Basic Education minister, Angie Motshekga, there are as many as 3 million school children in South Africa who do not have the privilege of working at a desk. In addition, there are over 24 000 schools who require desks.

As many of these children do not have formal classrooms, they are forced to either kneel on the ground, or work on make-shift desks during their school day.

As you can imagine, they not only experience extreme discomfort, but their educational development is considerably hampered, and they could subsequently struggle to become positive contributing members of society.

While building structured class-rooms and providing them with the relevant furniture would be the ideal, this is unfortunately not an immediate solution, due to the substantial investment required.

However, DeskBags have come up with an innovative and viable alternative solution, in which you can make a significant difference in helping to uplift educational standards in Africa.

Our DeskBags are not only functional eco-friendly school bags, but also provide a portable desk solution.

The bag allows the child to carry his or her books and stationery, while the flap is reinforced with durable ABS plastic, that when folded open, allows for instant desk support too.

As our product is made from the vinyl of recycled billboards, it is extremely robust providing students with a long-term solution.

The bags are waterproof, reflective, and light enough for pre-primary scholars to use.

Job Creation

DeskBags are exclusively manufactured by PR Worx, who only employ previously disadvantaged or disabled South Africans for this task.

Going Green

We understand the pressure is on to reduce and measure your company’s carbon footprint, and to responsibility maintain your CSI strategy.

Our eco-friendly and highly affordable bags are made from recycled vinyl billboards, keeping toxic PVC materials out of landfill sites, ensuring environmental sustainability.

Corporate companies are also encouraged to donate their old billboards to us for recycling purposes.

Corporate Support

We understand that the need for desks is too great to tackle this problem by ourselves.

It is only through the support of corporate companies that DeskBags can be deployed to poverty-stricken areas to help make a difference to the lives of needy learners.

Your Branding

Since the patterns of all our handcrafted DeskBags are made from various sections of recycled vinyl billboards (including your own if you prefer), no two bags are or ever will be the same.

With your company’s branding prominently displayed on the desk flap, DeskBags are not only inimitable but will clearly depict your support of this CSI initiative.

The Process

Once you have placed an order, whether it is for 100 or 100,000 DeskBags, we will assist you in finding a school or area in need of support.

All arrangements including the hand-over, media liaison and photography will be managed by PR Worx on your behalf, at no additional cost to your company. You simply need to be there on the day of the handover to represent your company and to see the childrens’ appreciation.

How to get involved

Education is considered to be the greatest weapon in fighting poverty.

Your company’s contribution through DeskBags will not only provide young South Africans with the necessary tools to ease their educational struggles, but your support will also create additional job opportunities for the previously disadvantaged women making these eco-friendly bags.

DeskBags in action

DeskBags   DeskBags   DeskBags   DeskBags


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