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SAAB Grintek Merger



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The brief was to produce a name-change launch, incorporating Grintek’s new shareholder, SAAB and to launch the combined new corporate identity.

The events had to be targeted internally as well as externally, adapting the same concept to both target markets. The company was specific about its budget and that the event needed a “wow” factor.

Keeping this in mind and as both Saab and Grintek’s core businesses are technology related, we created a theme around their new tagline: “Technology for a changing world”.

Statement of Problem

PR Worx received a tender briefing from Grintek regarding their name-change launches, giving us 6 weeks to finalise an event concept. The successful bidder would then have 3 months to arrange the event.

Two weeks after the initial briefing, we received an urgent telephone call informing us that the pitch had been rescheduled and instead of 6 weeks’ notice, we only had four days to finalise our launch concepts and creative as the event was scheduled for the following month.

Statement of Opportunity

After brainstorming internally with our own employees, with suppliers and our creative partner, we finalised the concept around their new tagline: “Technology for a changing world”.

The PR Worx team and the suppliers were set into action immediately and worked day and night to ensure that everything was ready for the presentation four days later.

A week later, we were informed that we had won the pitch against other competing agencies and that we had less than a month to produce two world-class events, incorporating technology.


Internal Event

Invitations were delivered to staff two and half weeks prior to the event, followed by teaser posters and notices throughout the various buildings and campuses that Grintek has.

However, as we knew that it would not be enough time and enough exposure to address the problem of poor staff attendance at company events, PR Worx initiated a mini-Carnival Day, the week before the actual launch.

The day before the mini-Carnival, Magic Mugs were handed out to all staff members. Swing tags with rhymes were attached to the handle of the mug, to create some anticipation for the next day’s event.

Employees were completely unaware as to what was going to happen next...

The morning of the mini-Carnival, cheerful vendors with portable coffee backpack machines made the rounds at all the Grintek offices, filling the Magic Mugs to reveal the company’s new logo.

In addition, each person received two muffins, in exchange for the rhyme vouchers, while mimes entertained them and handed each employee a reminder invitation to the internal launch.

As staff’s curiosity was already stimulated through the mini-Carnival day that acted as a build-up to the event, they were keen to attend the function.

Busses were arranged to transport staff from the various offices and were taken to Gallagher Estate, the chosen venue, for a breakfast presentation.

A total of 1,003 staff members arrived at the event instead of the initial 300 that Grintek had thought. As we were confident that the turn-out would be fantastic we had set up for 800 people.

While over 200 more people had arrived and were enjoying a welcome drink i.e. tea or coffee, or champagne and orange juice, we quickly rearranged the venue and added more seating, table arrangements and décor.

The venue also provided us with additional space and meals for the extra guests.

The employees were absolutely wowed by the event and hologram MC, as well as the added industrial theatre that we had included in their presentation.

Before the busses departed back the office, each employee received a branded digital clock with the tagline: “The time has come” and the new logo.

External Event

Linking in with the technology feel, external guests i.e. clients, shareholders, suppliers, etc. received hand-delivered hologram invitation cards.

We received great feedback from guests regarding the design and some even asked if we had extra copies, as they wanted to show them around.

Décor and added technology elements

The breakfast setting for employees was different to that of the dinner setting for the external audience.

Both functions had two sets of different flower arrangements – half to reflect the South African flag and the other half to reflect the Swedish flag, incorporating the new partnership with SAAB.

Each arrangement also had elements of technology or the linkage of the partnership i.e. metal framed globes.

The lighting and technology elements in the venue were ultra-modern with laser lights engraving the new logo into the air, electric spheres, water-projected screens, electronic podiums, and a glass teleprompter, to add to the modern technology feel.

Finally, the biggest wow element was the hologram MC called Xavier, that interacted with guests as they arrived i.e. “You look great in that pink dress” and even told the occasional joke or two.

The corporate DVD that was created especially for the event, closely followed Xavier, the hologram MC in terms of technology.


Instead of the expected 300 staff members at the function, 1003 attended due to the teaser campaign beforehand and the level of communication they were exposed to.

The client function also exceeded expectations as 600 guests attended, instead of the 300 as was expected initially.

A post-event survey was completed after the events to establish how all audiences (internal and external) rated the event. PR Worx received an overall rating of 97% with feedback that both events were considered the best the company has ever had.


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